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Our staff and students would like to welcome our new and returning families to our fantastic little school by holding a "Welcome to 2019" afternoon, where parents will have the opportunity to meet their child's teacher; and all are invited to partake in a FREE sausage sizzle. 

At this stage, Mrs Green and Mrs Robertson will be holding formal information sessions with the parents of their students, while all other teachers will be available for an informal chat, should you wish to take the opportunity to acquaint yourself to your child's teacher during this time. If you would like to make a formal appointment with either Ms Bretreger, Mrs Dilley, or Miss Bruce at a different time, this day will also be an opportunity to discuss some arrangements regarding this with the relevant teacher.

By now, most parents will have received an information letter from their child's teacher, outlining some organisational procedures and equipment requirements for each class. If you have not received one of these, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

When: Monday Evening, 18th February


  • Welcome Sausage Sizzle will begin at 5pm

  • Mrs Robertson and Mrs Green will hold formal information sessions from 5.30pm - 6pm

  • All other teachers will be roaming, interacting with parents, or supervising children whose parents are in a session with Mrs Green and/ or Mrs Robertson during this time

Cost: FREE!!!!!

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